Why Hungary?

Fascinating and vibrant capital, picturesque countryside, beautiful landscapes, 22 wine regions, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, traditions, fabulous mansions and castles, rich historical heritage, inviting flavors and delicious meals, stunning and romantic views, the largest lake in Central Europe (Balaton), numerous spas and baths and the famous Hungarian hospitality….

From luxurious hotels through charming mansions to traditional village houses you surely will find the venue of your dream in Hungary.

Are you dreaming of a divine castle wedding? Or you prefer a country themed event?

Would you like a vineyard wedding?  Or you fancy a stylish, modern reception?

Do you want a grand ball? Or you imagine an intimate wedding?

Are you fond of yachts and always wanted a dream wedding on the water? Or you prefer your special day to be held in a romantic venue in the middle of the woods?

Hungary has it all…and even more!

We could go on and on about all the venues, landscapes, food, wine and activities you can find in Hungary.

Just have a look at these pictures! Even better if you come and check it for yourself

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